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kaloud lotus 2 set

Regular price $ 34.99 Sale price $ 23.99 View. I hear it has magical powers ! I have the original Lotus and love it. I've been sticking pretty true to the foil game since I started hookah but this looks so cool and I'd like to try it! An excellent marriage of aesthetic and engineering. The Kaloud Lotus 2 also works to significantly reduce the ash, ultra-fine particles, and … Would love to give a shot. The handle on the lid allows you to control the access of oxygen to the coals, thereby controlling the degree of heat of the coals. I am a Kaloud a fanboy, honesty first. So keen on one. Archived. Still using the original and love it. Ive loved each lotus I've owned. Available for $64.96 at https://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-23540-kaloud-lotus-2-hookah-heat-management-system.html Use Code "STRICTLYSHISHA" for 15% off. It manages your heat very easily and reduces the taste of charcoal within your session. Delicious favor and I currently have the version 1 and 1.5, the 2 looks really interesting to try. Only 2 apples Al fakher or maybe pure rose again Al fakher, Mighty Freeze + Blue Mist would be my first combo bowl with the Lotus 2. I would especially love to try the lotus 2. Is it any easier to clean than the original lotus? Been wanting to get any model of the Kaloud systems for a while now! We are the #1 hookah shop to buy a hookah online Canada! This looks on new level I love the lotus plus but this is amazing. I was never able to get a lotus so getting this beauty would be awesome. It looks like this new one fixes that issue and has some improvements, so I'm looking forward to enjoying it with a bowl of Tangiers Foreplay on the Peach and Cane Mint! . Used Lotus 1, Ignis, and Stratus. Must be put into the bowl a certain way! Been using the original Kalous Lotus heat management for about a year now and I wouldn’t ever again use the traditional foil and hole method. Although the others have a teeny weeny feature here n there that makes them better than Lotus, nothing beats the original. This looks not only incredible  but I can only imagine  how well it would work. I'll hopefully have my homemade hookah done by the to smoke out of ^_^. Mmm mmm. Been smoking this for about a month now, and cant get myself to try something else. I'd love to test drive this baby with some Haze Pumpkin Pleasure mixed with some Trifecta blonde Vanilla. Would love a new lotus for my vitria bowl! Km hookah from Palestine. The best Luxury online store to buy hookahs, shisha tobacco, Hookah Bowls, coals, and hookah accessories. I’ve used a Lotus for almost 4 years now, and have smoked hookah daily for almost 7 years. Bigger, Better, Awesome… The Kaloud Lotus I+ ® is the natural evolution of the Kaloud Lotus ® a Heat Management Device that was designed and engineered to regulate the transfer of heat from charcoal to Shisha. BUT HOLY MOLY. I was one of the first adopters of the original lotus and am probably responsible for it selling around the world since I rave about it to every hookah store owner during my travels. One of the flavors I miss the most is al fakher special edition rich creme. I have over 10 hookahs and would enjoy trying this out thanks for the chance! This one looks amazing! The Kaloud team introduced their first HMD, the Kaloud Lotus, years ago and it completely changed the way we enjoy our hookah sessi Are you ready? The initial $60 price tag caused some hesitation to those that had already been enjoying their foil sessions. I have to try your float combo, it sounds really interesting. And I’m so very glad that I did. the cows are giving evaporated milk. Man this thing looks legit cant wait to try it! Seriously, just like everyone else probably posted I would love this. Paired with my alien phunnel  bowl was a perfect match. u/returntje. Definitely a conversation point. I would break it in with some peach and a bit of mint. Would love to win but will be buying it either way! And can’t to get my hand on the lotus 2! Our hookah products alongside our fast hookah delivery service and world class customer services make us the #1 hookah source for all your shisha smoking needs. Two different sides of the spectrum but both great flavors in my opinion. I'll have to try it out. I would mix Haze two cents a cup with a little ultimint and add a little blueberry Al Fakher to the mix and have a blueberry lemonade bowl with a mint chill. Im quite partial to AF Bubblegum and Id love to have a session with a HMD, Also, I'd kick off my lotus 2 with al fakher energy drink + mojito, Morning guys, first of all best service in the online shisha market. Very satisfied. I absolutely love my Kaloud Lotus! Bless! Forgot about flavor part. Been using the Lotus 1 for the longest time and I can’t wait to try the 2. I've been such a stickler in keeping it classic because "why replace what's not broken?" Today is your lucky day, please shoot me an email at. I'm reading through the rest of your amazing comments right now and since we had such a strong turn out I'll be picking 2 people for a Lotus 2, and a runner up Lotus 1+. I put 2 coals in it and wait about 7 min until I take my first pull. My god this is the meaning of innovation. Awesome article! Looks pretty. Looks easier to clean. Haze What A Mint and Trifecta Spiced Java, Ive been in llve with azure unicorn. It is great to hear they created an improved device. I would love one! Kaloud Lotus 2.0 vs Oduman Ignis. My combo would be a mix of mint with a slight hit of kiwi. Watch the unboxing here! So excited to use this new Kaloud product! You guys are awesome, thanks so much for this opportunity! I’m currently addicted to Alchemist’s Lemon Mint from the Stout line. I'd love to try this with one of my new favorite mixes, vanilla lemon and mint! Promotion. I placed the Lotus 2 on my favorite Rook bowl and while it fit rim to rim, I felt I needed to pass on the combination and go with my Lerook (lipped version) just in case I went to adjust it on bowl with no lip and it happened to slide. Curious to try this with my go to bowl of Tangiers Kashmir Peach and Cane Mint! I love my Kaloud Lotus! Like i always do. Rated 5.00 out of 5 £ 59.96 £ 18.71; Glass Hookah Shisha Water Pipe Hose Remote Multicolor Russian Style Complete Set. I absolutely love my original Lotus. 100% would pack trifecta nawar with a little twice the ice x. Thanks  for the post ! Finally you guys have the Kaloud Lotus 2. Sounds fantastic, I've got to get one of these soon! Omg!!! If i won, so the first combo would be with pear (Brand medusa) and pomegranate. Question: when does this new bad boy drop? Speak about minty stuff !! Looking forward to picking it up ( or maybe getting a free one. You can pack so much heat with Haze and it’ll be fun trying to test it out with that flavor. I must have had this same bowl flavor combo *looks at calendar and calculator* 60-80 times across foil and multiple HMDs. The original Lotus contains multiple connection points but the Lotus 2 is crafted from two single pieces. Can’t wait to take this one out for a spin !!!! This hookah enhancement device is compatible with many hookah bowls including the Kaloud Samsaris & the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria ii bowl. Looks awesome too I'll probably wait until next year to get one tho. I would love to try it with watermelon and mint. Man that is a tuff one. Once you open your fancy new box, you'll notice an aluminum key with a thick silicone handle embossed with a Kaloud logo. Always looking for new ways  to improve my smoking sessions. Oh... and probably some FML green mixed with al fahker watermelon mint/tangiers sour watermelon. Im folgenden Video zeige ich euch wie Ihr Mit dem Kaloud 2 am besten einen Kopf baut. I think an old school double apple to start. I would brake it with two apple mint or cane mint. Most Popular Brands of Shisha and Hookah Accessories. Maybe, this would be nice! The Kaloud Lotus I+ ® also works to significantly reduce the ash, ultra-fine particles, and volatile gasses that pass from charcoal into Shisha. The Kaloud Lotus – something that changed the way we smoked. They're good people, trust me. Love the names of your products. This would be awesome to try out! Plus they're local for me and I love supporting my Texas/austin stores! Like the look of the new lotus and this answer alot of questions that i was think about with it. This lotus 2.0 looks interesting. I’ve always entertained the idea of getting the Kaloud Lotus II, but couldn’t afford it. Regular price €150 ... KALOUD LOTUS II STAINLESS NUBIS GREY. 2. Love my Kaloud Lotus I have 2. ✌. I the othe lotus options so excited to try the new one! Peach blueberry mint would definitely have to be my kick off. I exclusively use the Lotus as my go to HMD and with the looks and reviews of the new one it doesn’t seem like that is going to change any time soon! Kaloud Lotus II has since received a 5 star rating since released. Then final destination and a Michael Bay explosion, yadda, yadda, yadda. In my first two session, I prepared 3 cubes and I take the 3rd one off after 10-15 minutes, and it's smooth sailing from there my friend. I would love the chance to win and get my my hands on the Kaloud Lotus 2! How does it do with Al Fakher? I would break in my Lotus with watermelon mint. Loved it. I absolutely love the OG lotus. ***Oxide Hookah sells only to individuals that meet the legal age requirements. It is definitely a game changer! This sounds awsome. Damn how I am excited it’s finally out. Thank you for creating a better system over a great system! The redesign of the original expanded the interior to allow for larger cube size pieces to fit in easily. Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II for lotus 1. This looks great, and with all the explanations you gave there are no questions to ask. I would smoke Tangier’s cane mint and opuntia pear! I would probably pack azure unicorn and azure melon king. Looking forward to trying this head. But I'm actually excited for this one! Just in time for all the minty and refreshing flavors of the holidays! I was just telling a friend about this new HMD. Damn that design looks nice. Thanks for the info, I was happy with the lotus 1 and would love to try the new one. I hope I win! I would def start off with a mix of al fakher orange mint, lemon mint and a little blueberry mint added together. I'd break it in with Social Smoke Pink Lemonade with a touch of Absolute Zero. Thank you for the write up and the multiple photo angles! Love the new design and def going to be adding this to the Christmas list. Looks very nice design for coal management, Looks like another changer to the market. This thing looks F'n beautiful, would really like to get my hands on it! I'm already dreaming of Pan Rasna and AF Mint bowls. Man I've always wanted to try smoking a bowl with a lotus! Kaloud lotus 2  is beauty and the beast  ! KALOUD VESTARA AURIS TONGS. I cannot wait to try the new model when I win it. First Session: Fumari Ambrosia, Mint, & Prickly Pear. Also, I've been on a weird kick lately, 15% Twice The Ice Extreme, 50% trifecta dark Raspberry, and 35% trifecta dark blueberry. This HMD looks amazing, I think it knocks pretty much every other one out of the park in terms of looks. Regular price $ 39.99 Sale price $ 36.99 View. Couldn't be anything other than Tangiers Cane Mint! I am wondering how my Titanium Cubettes will do in there. I'd use something minty like the Alchemist Stone Mint (which is amazing). Crossing my fingers hoping to win!! Either I'm paying for it...or you paying for it....either way it's happening . The original Kaloud Lotus arrived at the tail end of 2012 and set off an EXPLOSION of flavor in our sessions. So refresh then and scroll to the bottom and see if you have a reply, there's also a feature to notified about replies to your comments. I can't wait to try it on my Shishabucks setup! The look is fantastic, but the test for me is how well will it enhance my Tangiers? I would love to try it out soon. I'd love to try it out sometime on my setup. I want...blueberry orange mint in my vitra! I have 2 original lotus and 1 of the newer style. Would love an upgrade to our system! It accomplishes the same thing as the original Kaloud Lotus. Love it!! Would love to try this with some AF orange to compare to older collection. I love the first one i cant wait for the new one. What is the better one? I've been using the lotus for over two years now and have never been disappointed. Would to to win this to try w some Zomo !!! Really looking forward to this Lotus 2. Kaloud Lotus and Samsaris Vitria I Silicone Glass Hybrid Hookah Bowl Bundle. I have the original and the plus and time and time again have gotten me through the best smoke sessions ive had. New advancements compared to its predecessor the Lotus i+. Pack my bowl and light it up on the beach here in maldives, will definitely send you guys some good photos if i win <3, The Lotus 2 looks great, Definitely a head turner. the birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground. And that thing looks sweet. 13 watching. I can't wait to try out this awesome Kaloud Lotus!!! Looks interesting. Loves you guys and thanks for all the years of great service. are a part of the heat management family. Absolutely delicious and smooth! That set of coals lasts about an hour, I put on a second set of 3 coals and it goes another hour. Would be sweet to try it out. I love your shop my number one stop shop for everything hookah related!!! Ask our hookah experts anything for information on our hookah shisha products. I've been enjoying a mix of Tangiers Kashmir Peach with a bit of Tangiers Strawberry or Blue Flower. Happy smoking. OxideHookah.com is the best hookah & hookah tobacco accessories shop with the best prices online. Hookah shisha is by far the best store for your hookah needs. Great analysis. My first bowl in this will be a definite Al Fakher grape mint. © 2020 I would love to win one as i'm tired of tasting charcoal lol, and my heat not lasting long just as it's getting good. This looks great guys! Help a noobs dreams come true!!! Thanks for the blog and really demo-ing this out for us hookah fans. Yo this looks amazing. Definitely cannot wait to buy this new KL2. No combo for me. The redesign looks amazing! I've had the first lotus for a long time now and love it! I’m extremely excited for the Lotus II, can’t wait to get my hands on it. $39.00. Kaloud is an innovative company in the hookah industry based out of California and was the originator of the first heat management system for the hookah bowl, the Kaloud Lotus v1. The new Kaloud Lotus 2 is an advancement on the previous versions (Lotus i+) of lotus bowl hookah system. KALOUD AEOLIS ARGIS SILVER HOSE & MOUTHPIECE SET. But this looks like it has some awesome upgrades, can't wait to check it out! It looks awesome, almost like a lotus flower. Awesome review! I love how these incredible bowls almost come as a fashionable item too. I will use it with Alchemist Professor gumbledore in the kaloud vitria bowl. Would love to see what this one can do. This does push the bench mark of design , quality & function. I have three of my own now and if this new one is even 1% better, I can’t wait! I would definitely use my go to mix of al fakher orange and vanilla! I'm so ready to add this to our collection! They can help you out. Best smoke ever. Awesome blog! Use it every session and this looks gorgeous. A Chinese Kaloud Lotus, Samsaris Vitria, Silicone Bowl Factory ,Manufacturing more than 10 years, many experienced customers, stable quality for you I have used all of the lotus since they started and I have always loved home they work and with how much ease it is to use it and the new lotus 2 looks like it will be a winner also can't wait to try one but I'll wait until you do the give away and if not picked I'll purchase one and add to my lotus collection. hot water now comes out of both taps. Wow that new design is gorgeous. Thanks for the great write-up. We review the Kaloud Lotus 2! Don't own a lotus, but have tried it and loved it. I’d like to try it with Social Smoke Orange and a small mix of social smoke Absolute Zero. The new features of the lotus 2 includes a dome shaped vent system or cover which now detaches from the base of the heat manager. I would have to go with Tangiers cane mint and Al Fakher Cafe Latte for a Mint Mocha taste. Kaloud Inc. has taken the next step in their heat management journey as they present the Kaloud Lotus 2. We have some high heats fans in the building and occasionally I find myself wanting to turn the heat up in my session. You'd think it would be overpowering, but so relaxing. I don't have a lotus at this time, but love using one when i have access to one. A combination of Social Smoke Absolute Zero and Alchemist's Coconut would be perfect to break this in on my Lavoo. The new Kaloud looks epic. It works really well, but I'd like to give the new lotus a try. The combo of cardamon with grape has been NIIICCCEEEE! Looking forward to trying this bad boy out. Wonder how this will do for that combo. The same can be said for the original because of safety reasons, but the minimal design and built-in handle do a better job at keeping it from incidental damage. My wife bought a hookah and Kaloud Lotus for home use since we loved visiting our local hookah lounge a few times a week. Regular price €120 View. I would definitely break this in with some cane mint and natural order. But my next bowl would be winter rose and fml mint. I've introduced this to many friends of mine. Hope I'm not to late to the party, but I would love to be able to have the chance to get this bad boy here. XD. I love the new design, it's so ornate! Hookah Bars Outsourcing Service in Miami, Hookah for … I'd love to try out some can see how we like it! Kaloud Krysalis ... Amy Kristal Set. The new Kaloud Lotus 2 is the latest and greatest shisha HMD. The original Kaloud Lotus arrived at the tail end of 2012 and set off an EXPLOSION of flavor in our sessions. Thank you for the review! Will see what my spa customers have to say should we be fortunate enough to win one. I’d really love to try the Lotus with Fantasia’s formula series, specifically the peppermint cream! Would you like to win a Kaloud Lotus 2? Eveyone you killed it on the comments, almost 500! I've been saving some Alchemist Nectar of the Gods for a special occasion! The new design looks very dope Well. Amy Deluxe. I have been using Lotus for all my hookahs, 3 to be exact and just bought one more (from where you ask.... of course from hookah shisha) , and they work great! And I’m hoping to get this one. The new design looks fantastic! The rest was history. Kaloud Krysalis & Lotus Hookah Accessories, High quality hookahs and accessories from the Kaloud team, all on one page -, Welcome to the premium collection of Kaloud hookahs and accessories! I can’t wait to order a couple cans of Fresh Lime and have my first hookah with the Lotus 2! If I won ;) i’d Smoke it with the all time best flavor blueberry mint that I have smoked out of my Kaloud for the last 4 years! If I'm feeling a sweeter session, I mix Tangiers Mandarin Orange and Tangiers Strawberry or Cocoa. Yum. I would definitely smoke K Peach with some bohemian mix and twice the ice. the potatoes cook underground, and all you have to do to have lunch is to pull one out and add butter, salt and pepper. I would be the happiest person ever to be selected and at the same time it’ll be a birthday gift for myself. How hot is it? Love hookah-shisha as they've got the best selection of any online hookah store I've seen. Made tangiers passion fruit and cane mint bearable. mmm good stuff right there. I just ordered a brand new Khalil-mamoon hooka and this would go perfectly with it!

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